• Still life arts 


    The international still-life art contest



    The international still life art contest


    The international still life art contest

"Still life arts"

The international exhibition-contest

Still life is a genre of fine art in which the main characters of the work are ordinary things. It can be not only inanimate objects, but also living beings. However, birds, animals or people in still life, according to an artist's intention, play a secondary role, only complement the main motive of the picture.

Exhibition dates: August 16-21, 2022
Registration deadline: August 14, 2022 inclusive

Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists
(Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20)




Floral still life

Flowers in still life

floral and fruit still life

Flowers and fruits in still life

fruit and berry still life

Fruits and berries in still life

academic still life

Academic still life

hunting still life

Hunting in still life

still life photorealism

Photorealism in still life

"vanity of vanities" still life

Philosofical still life

experimental still life

Experiments in still life art

"laid table" still life

Dining in still life

fish still life

Fish and food on the table

deluxe still life

Luxury in still life

Household still life

Daily routine in still life

educational still life

Educational still life

cubism in still life

Cubism in still life

Metaphysical Still life

Metaphysical still life

pop-art still life

Pop-art still life

What do the authors get?

1) Their work or works presented in the exhibition hall of Eurasian Art Union - in the gallery "Eurasium";

2) All exhibition still lifes participate in the contest;

3) The jury consists of leading artists and teachers of art disciplines from Russia and Asia;

4) All authors receive a diploma of a participant or a winner;

5) All works will be published in a full-color catalogue published in two languages - Russian and English;

6) A number of authors with high scores will be invited to join Eurasian Art Union.

more than 45 jury members

Catalogue of participants



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Registration deadline: August 14, 2022 inclusive



Registration closes in: 

2 Days 12 Hours 11 Minutes 05 Seconds