contest rules


Exhibition dates: August 16-21, 2022

Registration: until August 14, 2022

Exhibition address in Moscow:

Showroom of the Moscow Union of Artists

(Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20)

how to participate


1) OFFLINE (PARTICIPATING IN PERSON): you present your work/works in Moscow in person.
2) ONLINE REMOTE PARTICIPATION: we present the originals of your work/works sent by mail.
3)  ONLINE ART-PRINT REMOTE PARTICIPATION (photocopies): you send the files of your artwork, the organizing committee prints it and place at the exhibition. It will also be published in the A4 format catalogue. At the request and application of the author, it is possible to create a full-size photocopy (the cost of additional work is indicated in the "Cost of Participation" section).


Author's works are presented at the exhibition as follows:

1) Author's original works;

2) Copyright giclee;

3) Photocopies: :

- in an art book (A3);

- in a frame (format 40*50 cm);
- on foam board (formats A3, A2, A1, A0).

(At the end of the exhibition, the foam board is issued free of charge).



Registration step by step:

Prepare the photos of your works (file size - up to 20 Mb.) to submit to the contest. Both ONLINE and OFFLINE participants send the same set of materials.

The author fills out the form using the link "REGISTRATION"
registration english applynow

2) The organizing committee look through the received materials and sends the author a link for payment (the link offers several payment methods);
3) The author pays the bill and sends a copy of the check to the organizing committee (e-mail:;
4) The organizing committee sends the final confirmation of the participation of the author's works in the contest program "Still Life Arts".

All questions can be addressed here: or +79250223303 (including WhatsApp).



OFFLINE works (originals, giclee): All works submitted for the project can be sold at the price indicated by the author during the registration.



The commission for works sold at the exhibition is 20%. The terms of the commission are limited by the dates of the exhibition, thus the Organizing Committee retains the commission only if the work is sold during the exhibition.

information for offline participants

Photo images of your works must be at least 200 dpi, saved in .JPEG or .JPG, in RGB mode, file size: 1 to 20 MB. Images may contain only brand signs and signatures of authorship.

After sending the registration materials to the Organizing Committee and a response confirmation, the participants submit their works to the exhibition.
Offline works must be prepared for display on vertical stands:
a) have hooks, loops or eyelets for hanging
b) have a rigid base (passe-partout, frame, stretcher, etc.)
It is necessary to pay special attention to the strength of the loops and eyelets that the author supplies to his works.
Together with the art object provided for the exhibition, the applicant submits the "Card / Transfer Deed", which will be the basis for the subsequent issuance of competitive works, at the end of the exhibition (download in WordPDF).

At the end of the exhibition, offline art objects are returned on the closing day according to the "Card / Transfer Deed".


Collection of offline works for the exhibition


You can submit your work for the exhibition at two locations:

1) in Moscow: August 15, 2022, from 12:00 to 15:00, at the address: (Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20).

2) in the organizing committee: until August 8, 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00, daily on weekdays, at the address: Moscow, Krymsky val street, 8 building 2.

information for online participants

Photo images of your works must be at least 200 dpi and saved in .JPEG or .JPG, in RGB mode, file size: 1 to 20 MB. Images may contain only brand signs and signatures of authorship.

After registration via the Internet, the organizing committee prints out the files sent to the contest and places photocopies at the exhibition. Author determine independently how their works will be presented at the exhibition: in an art book, in a frame or on foam board. One file must contain one entry. At the end of the exhibition, the organizing committee sends diplomas of the participant or winner by e-mail.

additional info

expert council / jury

The Expert Council (jury) is formed to evaluate the competitive works. The Expert Council includes the following professional groups:
a) members of art unions and associations;
b) representatives of specialized mass media;

c) representatives of production companies;
d) art critics.
The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the assessment of the art objects submitted for the contest according to a 10-point system.
Winners are determined after summing up the scores and calculating an arithmetic mean.



At the end of the exhibition, all participants receive participant diplomas (the number of diplomas corresponds to the number of competitive works). All participants receive diplomas in electronic and paper form.



All participants are published in a full-color catalogue

"Still Life Arts"

The catalogue is published in two languages: Russian and English.

To book a catalogue, you need to fill out the form




A signature, seal or any other identifying mark of authorship is allowed anywhere in the photo image. Subsequently, the images are published with the author's decals. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.


Copyright and all other rights remain with the artist. In case when art objects are submitted to the competition by the representative of the author (e.g. producer), the responsibility for authorship lies with the applicant. The Organizing Committee has a right to use the name (pseudonym) and photographs of the art objects participating in the contest and exhibition for the purpose of advertising and popularizing international projects organized by the World Fund of Arts, and for non-commercial use as an illustration and publication in the media. All participants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used for marketing and promotional purposes, including non-commercial publication in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media. By participating in the competition, the author (applicant) agrees to the inclusion of the author's photographs, art objects and labels in the exhibition catalogue.

The organizing committee is not responsible for art objects and their photographs provided in violation of the competition rules or for those who violate copyright, since in this case the person applying for participation in the competition program (applicant) is responsible.


By participating in "Still Life Arts", authors agree to include their phone and e-mail in free newsletters informing about this project in Russia and abroad.

If you wish not to implement this free service, inform the Organizing Committee about it in any of the following ways:

a) by sending a request to exclude your phone and / or e-mail to the e-mail address of the organizing committee (listed on the website in the "Contacts" section)

b) by sending an SMS request to exclude your phone and / or e-mail to this number: +7-925-0537000 .